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Dutchman Rik van Dam founded his alias Geck-o in the year 2007. Fascinated by energetic music like trance, hardtrance and hardstyle since a young age, he had plenty of inspiration when he started to explore the art of music production. 

Rik has been determining and following his own path since the day he entered the hardstyle scene. This creative mind brings hardstyle music in its diversity and goes off the beaten track whenever suits him, leading to a fresh and bold signature sound. Geck-o can bring it enchantingly melodic with tracks like “It’s What We Are” or kick you right in the balls with creations like “The Hard Way”.  

Geck-o has played at huge festivals like Defqon.1 and Decibel, as well as indoor parties like Loudness and Re:set and has a number of banging releases under his name. However, his future plans are big, so keep following the Geck-o show.

He is also known for his work under the name of Geck-e, with the e from experimental, breaking the boundaries of his musical laboratory. A well known name at events such as Qult.

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